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Why us?

Saver.Global occupies a unique position market with longstanding partnerships across the world delivering financial literary programs. We are leveraging this opportunity to work with governments, international development agencies, and industry to grow our existing user base through partnerships.

Our remittance comparison platforms, draw thousands of users from around the world every week. This traction provides a great foundation from which to launch future partnerships.

Unrivalled insights

Data and Reporting

By partnering with us on financial education initiatives, remittance market analysis, or labour mobility training programs, we offer a new level of insight into the market and impact reporting.

Saver.Global has a unique data base of real time remittance pricing and service information and is developing a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation dashboard for financial education programs.

Custom access to this information will be available for governments, international organisations, central banks and money transfer operators. We intend to provide critical insights for developing strategy, programs and policy by analysing the current of remittance markets and future opportunities.

Our value

Partnership models

Non-Government Organisation

Saver.Global partners with financial service providers to develop financial education courses through SaverLearning.

  • Financial literacy content specific for your audience
  • Access a new global market of engaged financial learners

Our financial education platforms connect engaged users with financial services. This rewards our audience and provides financial services with qualified users.

  • Offer a discount and be recognised on our platforms

Saver.Global offers the unique opportunity for financial companies to inform their strategy with access to data and analytic insight from our market.

Partner with Saver.Global to develop financial literacy courses for your constituents. Our courses are adaptive, making them relevant for a diverse group of learners. Those with low digital and financial literacy will benefit just as much as those with high digital and financial literacy.

Saver.Global collects remittance service and pricing data that can be used to understand the remittance market. We also offer the opportunity to consolidate a national diaspora management plan and policy that utilises remittances for economic development.

Saver.Global creates tools and resources for specific country and population groups and provides wide dissemination of these resources. Ask us about the results of our Malaysian overtime calculator.

Saver.Global partners with organisations that hold shared values to scale their impact and multiply their social return on investment.

  • Digitise existing financial literacy courses
  • Expand your support to new regions

Saver.Global partners with agencies on the ground to scale financial literacy training programs digitally. Using this approach, your impact on beneficiary knowledge, attitudes and practice can be more easily understood.

  • Impact reporting dashboard
  • Simple follow up surveys